Welcome to Lark Rise Counselling & Psychotherapy.

If you have arrived at this website then I imagine it’s likely that you are feeling unhappy with one or more aspects of your life or the feelings that you are experiencing.

Through the process of counselling, I can help you to navigate your way through the difficult feelings to a point where you feel more comfortable.

If you are considering therapy, but don’t know where to start then please read through the information below.  If you would like to know more about how counselling with me works, then please drop me an email at larkrise17@gmail.com and I will be able to provide you with more information.


£45.00 assessment session (50 minutes)

£45.00 counselling session (60 minutes)

£75.00 supervision (90 minutes)

I do offer concessionary rates for counsellors-in-training, but please contact me directly for these.

All counselling now takes place on Zoom, Skype or telephone.  I am able to provide face-to-face counselling at workplace venues.

Issues that I work with

I welcome clients no matter what they bring and from all backgrounds/genders/walks of life.  Whether it’s loss or bereavement, fertility problems or perinatal issues, family fall-outs or general feelings of anxiety and stress, I am here to help.  Often clients will feel alone with their worries and anxieties, but the truth is that many of us experience similar feelings.  Talking it through with a professional who doesn’t judge you can help tremendously in taking control of the problem.

My counselling background

My interest in counselling stems from childhood, when I was always fascinated about what made people tick and how they related to each other.

To some extent, this has never changed – I retain that curiosity now, but am able to use my expertise to help others to effect change.  I believe that it’s never too late in life to change the way we think and subsequently feel.  


The modality of counselling that I mainly work with is the Person-Centred Approach.  The core belief of this approach is centred around the notion that clients do not necessarily need to be ‘advised’ or ‘coached’ into a particular course of action.  As your therapist, I will respect your choices and decisions and will not judge you.  I will accompany you on your journey, rather than trying to decide the route for you!

However, within this compassionate relationship, prepare to be gently challenged!  Respecting you and your point of view does not mean passively nodding and agreeing.  If you choose to work with me, you will be meeting a counsellor whose passion for the work will make our sessions engaging and energising.


Along with counselling, I also provide clinical supervision.  This is conducted within a person-centred framework, providing a nurturing opportunity for therapists to discuss their work.  In supervision, I aim to be both supportive and challenging, with a view to helping the therapist operate at their best, support their clients and feel supported themselves.  This is a service that I extend to counsellors in-training, at a reduced fee.


Workplace Counselling

Working for over three years for the NHS as part of their staff support service has given me an insight into the challenges that staff in a high pressure environment face.  I also worked for nearly twenty years at a large international Company, so understand only too well the issues that can arise.  Given that many of us spend the majority of our time at work, when life proves challenging, work can be a very unhappy place to be.  I provide employee support for a wide range of issues.  This could be a fall out between colleagues, managing workload or indeed personal issues that are making it hard to focus on the day job.  

I am also a qualified mediator and provide mediation to help to resolve disputes in the workplace.

‘Zoom’ Counselling

Much of my work now takes place entirely across the platform of ‘Zoom’ and I provide therapy to clients, both in the UK and overseas.  This gives me a wonderful opportunity to enable clients to access counselling wherever they are in the world!  This method of working has allowed clients to receive support even during the pandemic and has proved both popular and successful.

Support for Students

I also provide therapy for counsellors-in-training and support those who have a requirement to receive counselling as part of their university study requirements.  I find it very enjoyable working with young adults and helping them to explore how therapy might help them and their future clients.


Volunteering for Cruse Bereavement Care UK for a number of years has enabled me to work extensively in the field of bereavement. The type of loss that I have helped clients to deal with has included everything from death in old age to sudden and traumatic deaths, such as road traffic accidents and suicide. I have also worked with those affected by loss from terrorist acts.

Grieving is a very individual process, which can be affected by one’s previous life experiences, religious background, support systems and coping mechanisms. There is no time limit on grieving for a loved one and sometimes a death can also mean relief, bringing with it feelings of guilt.

I work to support bereaved clients during this difficult time and help them to make sense of the complex emotional fallout that can often accompany death.


Certificate in Professional Workplace Mediation
CMP (Close, Manage and Prevent Solutions) – 2020

Post-Graduate Certificate in Supervision
Counselling Xtra, Nottingham – 2020

Accredited Member
British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy – 2020

Understanding Fear and Sadness
Open University – 2019

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Counselling Training the Midlands – 2017

Advanced Bereavement Care Training Course
Cruse Bereavement Care – 2012

Professional Body

As an Accredited and Registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, I adhere to their ethical code. Full information on the BACP can be found on their website at www.bacp.co.uk

General Data Protection Regulation

Lark Rise Counselling and Psychotherapy is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Personal data is handled in line with current data protection regulations (GDPR).